7 Signs You’re destined to be a writer

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It is a fact that not everyone is destined to be a writer.

Do I have a witness here?

A lot of people get into writing by proxy.

May be the line of job you are handling demands you write reports and notes or you need to make ends meet and you decide to be a freelance writer.

But there is this category of people who are born writers.

I think I belong to that group.

Although, you don’t need to be a writer before you can make money writing articles online. The fact is, you don’t need any experience, a skill or a certificate to be a writer online.  But, it is easier, if you are a writer.

So, the question is, how do you know if you are destined to be a writer?

The seven signs below will help you to answer the question.

1.   You love reading books

destined to be a writer

Reading is a powerful tool for a writer. If you love reading, you will know how and where to use words and the way sentences are structured.

Before I ever dream of writing, I love reading books.  Infact, when I was working, I have a little percentage of my earning set aside for books.  As soon as I collect my salary, I go straight to the bookstore to purchase relevant books for myself.

I did not stop at that, I browsed the internet looking for free printed books. Then, e-books were not in vogue. I usually receive them through the mail. Today, I don’t need printed books, I have gadgets for e-books and so I download as many as I want from the Internet.

Are you a bookworm like me?  If yes, you are probably destined to be a writer.

2.   You prefer people to give you books as gifts

destined to be a writer

Most ladies will like to receive gifts of shoes, bags, expensive clothes, and wristwatches, etc.

It thrills them so much.

But not me.

The best gift you can ever give me that I will appreciate so much is a book.  Buy a book in the genre that I love and you will be my friend forever.  It is that serious!

So, when you love books as much as this, it is an indication that you are a writer.

3.   You have a library/phone/tablets full of books

destined to be a writer

It doesn’t have to be a large library, but you have a small shelf where you store your books.  I have a shelf where I store my books in the house. It keeps growing bigger and better.  But, this is the age of technology, my laptops and tablets are storage devices for my books.

Do you have e-books on your devices? This might be an indication that you are a writer.

4.   You love information

destined to be a writer

A aah! My love for information has made me a newscaster in our house.  I read Yahoo news at least three times daily.  I watch CNN for breaking news. I read nairaland.com for news in my country. I love researching for information online. This has really helped to sharpen my brain and helped me to be a better writer.  I just know where to go to search for specific information online.

So, watch out, if you are like me, you may be destined to be a writer.

5.   You get angry when you sport incorrect usage of grammar

destined to be a writer

Although, no one is free from making a mistake on writing (did I just make a mistake), oh!. No one is free from making a mistake while writing.

But, as a writer when you spot a mistake in a write up, it kind of, jumps at you.  Especially, if you see it on a reputable site like Yahoo news, Huffington post news page, etc.  Writers are humans and we make  mistakes just like every other person. But if you find yourself getting angry at grammar mistakes, watch it, you may be destined to be a writer.

6.   You love spending time alone

destined to be a writer

Writers are not noise making people.  They are quiet and they like spending time alone, either reading or meditating.  I prefer staying alone in my room reading, than chatting with friends or visiting. I just love to be alone reading my books or writing.  I somehow create a world for myself in my heart. If you have this trait, you may be destined to be a writer.

7.   You enjoy writing

destined to be a writer

This is one hobby that I love so much – writing.  Writing to me is like cooking. Did I tell you I also like to cook? Yes, I do.  When I write, I look for the right ingredients to combine together to make it sweet and good to taste, or should I say read.  Writing is a combination of many things – your thoughts, your perception, experience, research etc.  When you combine all these things together, you should have a good piece to deliver.

Writers love to write.  If you like writing, then my friend, you may be destined to be a writer.

You know one interesting part of it all, you can make money writing content online.  I never knew this is where it would lead me, but I am enjoying every bit of it. Making money from what I love doing. It doesn’t look like a job for me, it is a hobby.

Are you a born writer?  How did you discover it? Can you identify with any of the traits above? Write down your comments below.

Hephzibah Asaolu

I am Hephzy Asaolu (aka Ladywriter), a professional Freelance content writer and blogger.

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