7 Strategies to Help You Maintain Your Article Writing Flow

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A writer’s impact can only be felt when he writes and he has to make sure he maintains this impact by consistently churning out his writings and increase his impact. However, many writers find it hard to overcome inertia and start writing, while some even have many uncompleted works that they have abandoned.

Writer’s block is a challenge that many writers face but you can choose to consistently have a regular flow that keeps your works coming no matter the odds. It is a matter of choice and you can choose this path of consistent writing flow by utilizing some strategies that will ensure your success. These are simple strategies that any writer can start implementing immediately and you can be sure of achieving some incredible results.

Here are seven strategies that any writer can use to achieve a consistent level of flow

  1. Consciously create and influence your writing environment: This may involve several things such as playing the right music or doing without the music if it distracts you. Some other details like your cloth, the room temperature, the sitting position, and the room lighting should perfected to suit your writing flow.
  1. Timing: You have to write at a time when you are most unlikely to be distracted by friends, colleagues, family or anyone. You can also choose to silence your phone and suspend reading your mails or checking your voice mail just to maintain your focus.
  1. Write at bed time: It is often advised that writers should write when they are at their best mentally. However, much work can be done if you decide to burn the midnight candle and get to work. You can try this and see how your body adjusts with time.
  1. Invest your resources in getting the best writing tools: This is very important because the absence of these tools can frustrate your writing. This may include broadband internet service to help with your research, a super-fast computer, a large monitor, and software such as Microsoft Word.
  1. Program yourself with an anchor that puts you in the mood: This can vary from things you say, do, think or actions you execute that constantly gets you into your writing mood. Just flashback at the awesome writing moments you have had and try to repeat the things you did that got you into the flow.
  1. Brainstorm on your writing ideas before you start writing: It is better that you brainstorm on what you want to write like a day before you start writing. Doing this will ensure that your thoughts are organized and your creativity is explored extensively. It also makes it faster for you to write what you have in mind.
  1. Dispel any negative self-talk and thinking that gets you out of the flow: It is important that you do not talk yourself down and out of writing what you need to write. All you need do is to focus on the task at hand and mentally encourage yourself to get on with the work. The only self-talk you should allow is the positive self-talk that will allow you raise your standard and set great writing goals. You have to put yourself in the right mental state so that you can enjoy writing.

In conclusion, your writing success only depends on maintaining a consistent state of flow that will ensure that your writing inspiration never goes dry. You have to control your environment, pre-write your ideas, make sure you have the right writing tools and allow only positive self-talk that will increase your appetite to achieve more success. Maintain this flow and you can be sure that your creative writing will always lead you to success.

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