10 advantages of blogging in business you wish you knew before

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advantages of blogging in business

10 awesome advantages of blogging in business

Are you still considering whether to have a blog for your business or not?

Hear this:

This is the age of technology.  People are learning to use the internet to research the product or service they need before buying it.

A survey revealed that 60% of U.S online consumers say they have made purchases as a result of reading a blogger’s recommendation.

Not having a blog for your business is like leaving money on the table.  I am sure you don’t want to do that.  Below are 10 advantages of blogging in business you need to read to encourage you to start blogging right now.

 1.    It enhances search engine optimization

Business blogging enhances search engine optimization.  In a survey carried out by Hubspot, it was discovered that companies that blog generates 55% more traffic than those who do not. The reason for this is because search engines love fresh content. Each time you write a blog post, it is counted as a new page on your website and indexed on Google.

The more content you create, the more reason you give to search engines to visit and index your page. You will also be rewarded with search engine visibility.  Your business can come up when people search for keywords related to your product or service. This leads to traffic for your website.

2.    Build your brand

It is the desire of every business owner to build a business brand. It is especially useful in this age of technology. Any of your customers or clients can go online to check out your company. This is why it is essential to build a good business brand.  One of the ways you can build your business brand is through blogging.

A business blog showcases your company, products, and services, events, promotions and thought leadership content on your niche. It becomes the first platform your potential customers come across as they search for you online. A well-structured blog can help you build a good reputation for your business online.

A blog gives your business a voice. You can explore topics that are of interest to your new and old customers and thereby show off your expertise in your niche. This voice will help you build authority.

3.    Business blogging brings in more customers

According to Hubspot survey, businesses that blogs daily gets new customers. As you create and publish more blog posts on your business blog, you get more potential customers to your business. This means you will be spending less to attract new customers and also have the resources (content) to maintain existing customers.

4.    Business blogging will help you to generate leads

Lead generation is very crucial to the success of any online business.  If you are able to generate enough leads, you can nurture them to become paying customers.  One way you can generate leads online is through your blog. You can start by offering your blog visitors something free (such as guides, e-book, templates, reports, etc) in exchange for their contact information, such as email address, phone number, etc.

Once you have the contact information, it is easy for you to promote your product or service directly to them through email marketing. As you nurture them with valuable content, they will gradually begin to trust you enough to do business with you.

5.    Business blogging positions your business as an industry leader

As you create high-quality content regularly on your blog, it positions your business as an industry leader in your niche.

A good example is Neil Patel.  He constantly publishes blog posts on his website about digital marketing. Today, he is one of the industry leaders in the niche.  That is the power of blogging. It makes your business, the go-to for advice and recommendations on issues bothering your audience.  This helps you build credibility and trust in them.

6.    Build customer relationships

Running a business blog on your website will help to foster healthy relationships with your customers. A blog allows you to directly engage with your audience on your platform. They can comment on your blog post and ask questions wherever they need clarifications.

7.    Blogging produces long-term results

Most marketing strategies have expiry dates. If you advertise your product or service online, the result will be for a specified time, after that it will come to an end.  The effect cannot last forever.  One thing that separates blogging from any other marketing methods is that it lasts for a long time.

A report produced by Hubspot revealed that businesses who blogs generate about 70% of website traffic each month from their old blog posts.

This implies that, if you create a blog post today, it will continue to generate results for your business in years to come.

8.    Provides a platform for post- sales support

A business blog includes resources on products and services, such as FAQS, products information, etc. Anyone who purchases your product or service can read these resources to further expand their knowledge about your offering. This will help to extend your customer lifetime value. This type of content can also attract new customers to your business.

9.    It gives valuable information to sales teams

A blog in conjunction with a heat map or web analytic provides valuable information to the sales team. This information includes knowing what your customers want to know, what they are searching for, where they are clicking on the blog and what captivates their attention.  These details can be used to design campaigns that your customers will find difficult to resist.

10.    It helps you to build trust

Due to the fact that the internet is faceless, people tend to want to purchase product or service from people they trust.

Trust is a cardinal point in any business that must be built.  One way you can build your audience trust in your product or service is through blogging.  When you create interesting, high quality and educative content regularly, your audience gets to read your thoughts and gradually trusts you.

There you have it, ten advantages of blogging in business. It is time to start blogging for your business.



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