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Freelance Blogger: The right help you need to grow your business blog

The benefits of blogging for your business are numerous. According to statistics from Kapost 

  • Brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month.
  • Blogs give websites 434 percent more indexed pages and 97 percent more indexed links.
  • Blogs on company sites result in 55 percent more visitors.
  • B2B companies that blog generate 67 percent more leads per month than those that do not blog.

You have a whole lot of things that can help you to grow your business, leads, and sales within a specified period of time.

You would think all businesses will take advantage of these benefits.

But, no.

In a survey of businesses that have company blogs, it was discovered that 60% of businesses have company blogs.  35% of these business blogs published a post once in a month, while 65% have not updated their blog in a year or more.

freelance blogger


What happens when you stop blogging on your website?

You may be wondering why the noise about an inactive business blog and the harm it can pose to your website.  It may look harmless to have an inactive blog, but it is detrimental to your company’s SEO efforts.  When you post new content regularly, search engine bot crawls your website frequently, helping you to index your pages and increase your rankings.  When you stop posting content, crawlers will stop visiting your website, making it difficult for it to show up in search results.

Secondly, an inactive company blog can give your customers or potential customers a wrong impression.  When you stop responding to comments and questions on your company’s blog, people will think your company is unavailable or difficult to communicate with.  This can make you lose valuable business relationships with your customers.

A WordPress developer and SEO expert Robert Ryan conducted an experiment on blogging. He stopped blogging for 251 days.  I.e. 8 months and 1 week.  The result of his experiment shows:

  • Overall traffic declining by 32 percent
  • Organic traffic dropping by 42 percent
  • Traffic to the contact page dropping by 15 percent and
  • Overall site conversions fell by 28 percent

Those are the consequences of not blogging frequently. However, other business owners have different reasons why their company blog failed.

Reasons why business blog fails

1.    Unrealistic expectations

Most business owners expect to see instant results from their blogging efforts. So when they start blogging and see no result at first, they get discouraged and quit. However, blogging impact on sales happens slowly.  When you blog frequently, with time it improves your business website SEO, drives traffic, increases marketplace awareness and creates opportunities for new prospect to come across your product/ service.

2.   Using your staff to blog

Many companies rely on staff to create blog posts. Writing is a process and it involves researching, planning, writing, formatting, optimizing blogs for SEO and content promotion. Most company staff does not have the time to follow this process effectively. Many times, when the staff responsible for blogging resigns from the company, the company stops blogging entirely. This is where hiring freelance bloggers come in.  They are committed and dedicated to blogging.

3.    Creating content on company products

The reason why most company blog fails is because they are always creating content around their products and services instead of providing useful information and solving their prospects and existing customer’s problems. This turns the blog into an advertising channel. It is not wrong to create content about your company’s product and services. But, you need to create a balance, so you won’t overdo it.

4.    No time to write

Many business owners start out their business blogs with intentions to create content by themselves, however, along the line, business responsibilities starts increasing and blogging is the least you can think of.  This is especially true if you are your own manager, accountant, marketer, writer etc.  It is difficult combining these roles together.  What you need is a professional freelance blogger to take charge of your business blog.

5.    The principal blogger ran out ideas

This one is very common.  It is somehow difficult to come up with content ideas for a whole year, especially if you are the busy type.  You will have to search for content topics online using different tools.  It takes a lot of time to come up with tangible search engine optimized keywords for your posts.

So, now you know why your business blog fails.  The most important thing you can do to reactivate your blog is by using the services of a freelance blogger.  Below are 5 things a freelance blogger can do for your business blog:

5 things a freelance blogger can do for your business

1.    A freelance blogger will help to improve traffic, leads, and sales.

A freelance blogger will create more quality, engaging and inspiring content for your business. The more content you have on your business blog, the more search engines will index your pages and reward you by ranking your website high.  When people search for product or services like yours, they will see your business blog and come to your website.  The content will convert them to leads and they will become a paying customer.

2.    A freelance blogger will save you money

Hiring a professional blogger does not mean you have to pay human resources to scout the internet. You don’t need to provide health insurance, salary, vacation pay or training either.  As we all know that time is money, professional bloggers can produce quality content faster than your staff members. The time you save can be spent on converting leads into sales.

3.    A freelance blogger will position your business as an authority in your niche

Professional bloggers know how to create industry specific content.  They will add statistics, quotes, relevant studies and newsworthy headlines to spice up the content.  They will proofread it to create a perfect content.  This will help people to see you as an industry expert.  They will be able to trust you and do business with you.

4.    A freelance blogger will help to better promote your content

A professional freelance blogger knows a lot about content promotion. They will share your content on social media platforms and on related third-party websites where more people can see it and visit your website to know more about your business. Content promotion is very important in generating a good return on investment.

5.    A freelance blogger will help to measure the ROI of your content

Creating content is good, but measuring how effective it is for your business is great.  Most business owners do not have the time to read analytics data to know what is working and what is not. A freelance blogger will help you read the data and know which blog topic is popular and what keywords are driving traffic and sales.  They will know where people are clicking on your post or bouncing off the site.  All these data will help to create meaningful content that will improve your sales.

Is your company blog dead? You can reactivate it by simply hiring a freelance blogger.  You don’t have any excuse of not blogging consistently anymore.  Why do you think business blog fails?  Share your opinion in the comment section below.

Hephzibah Asaolu

I am Hephzy Asaolu (aka Ladywriter), a professional Freelance content writer and blogger.

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