5 New and Free business blog marketing tools you need to start using

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5 Business blog marketing tools to grow your business

As a business blogger, you need business blog marketing tools that will make it easy for you to promote your business online.

The age of “build it and they will come” is gone. You need to promote your business blog so that you can reach your target audience. One way to do that is to use effective business blog marketing tools that will make blogging easy for you and your team.

There are so many tools out there, both paid and free.
However, if you are just starting out, you need good free business blog marketing tools, to help you take off your business.

I love searching for free tools online that can help me achieve difficult tasks in no time.

The compilation below is the list of good free tools I came across while searching for business blog marketing tools that I can use online. Read and try them out.

1.    Answer the Public

What is answer the public?

Answer the public is a dynamic search query data visualization tool. It provides a quick insight into keyword
ideas. It practically shows you the search queries people are typing into Google and Youtube every day, based on your seed keyword.

It is a good alternative to Google’s auto-suggest tool.

Addressing your audience’s questions and concerns is a great way to create useful and informative content for them. If you can answer your audience questions about your product or service, you will produce content that is relevant and useful to them. It will also make it easy for you to win more potential customers.

How to use Answerthepublic

The first thing you need to do is to type in your seed keyword. For instance, I typed in “blogging” then click on “Get questions” as my seed keyword as shown below:

business blog marketing tool

It brought out the analysis based on four criteria:

1.    Question-based keywords
It generated a set of question modifiers such as “which, who, what, when, where, why, are, how and why”. These are the questions the audience is asking about the keyword I typed in i.e. blogging.
In the question part of the keyword, it brought the following results:

business blog marketing tools

For example:

* What blogging has taught me
* When did blogging originate
* Why blogging is good for SEO
* How blogging helps in marketing

2.   Preposition based keywords
Answerthepublic gives you questions preposition such as for, like, without, with, versus, to, near and versus.
Using the same keyword “blogging”, it returned the following results:

business blog marketing tool

For example:

* Blogging without showing your face
* blogging to grow your business
* Blogging with Evernote
* Blogging for profit
* Blogging sites like WordPress
* Blogging hear Philadelphia
* Blogging versus facebook

3.    Alphabetical list keywords
Lastly, it displayed 26 lists of alphabetically ordered results related to the keyword you typed in.

For example, the alphabetical keywords it generated for “blogging + a” keyword are:

business blog marketing tool

As you can see from the review above, it is a neat tool you need to start using to create useful content for your audience.

2.    Birchfieldapp

Birchfieldapp is one of the best business blog marketing tools I have come across in recent time. It is a referral marketing tool. It allows you to create referral campaigns for your content.

For instance, I created a blog post titled “How to create an unbeatable business blog marketing plan ” and I attached a sample blog marketing plan template that can help my readers to easily create their own marketing plan.

I used Birchfield to allow me to get social media likes and shares of the post. Before anyone can download the template, you have to click to share on either Facebook or Twitter.

Apart from that, you can also create a landing page where your audience will put in their email address to get the
bonus attached to your post. This allows you to build up your social media networks and email lists.

Below is the step by step method I followed to do it:

1.    Create the bonus offer or complimentary resource for your blog post
2.   Type in www.birchfieldapp.com into your browser
3.   Sign up and fill in your information
4.   Set up your campaign by clicking the “campaign tab”

5.    Set up your share code by filling in the form on the page.


business blog marketing tools

Once you finished filling the form, click on “Grab your code” to copy the code to your content page.  Once, you do that, you will see the widget on your page. See a sample below.

business blog marketing tool

Anyone who clicks to share will be shown a download button to download the bonus/freebie or resources. Then your content will be exposed to more people on the social media network.

3.    Makemypersona

Makemypersona is a new tool designed by Hubspot to help marketers build a persona for their business. Creating an
audience persona is very important for the success of any business online. It allows you to market directly to your
target audience, instead of marketing to a broad audience.

How it works
On the homepage (www.makemypersona.com), click on “Start Making my persona“, as shown below:

business blog marketing tools

As soon as you do that, it will lead you through a series of questions in regards to your audience persona. When you are done, it will send the complete persona to your email address.


4.     Bulk Buffer

Bulk buffer is another great business blog marketing tools out there. It allows you to upload your social media network (Facebook, Twitter) updates to your buffer account. With Bulk buffer, you don’t have to post every day, all you need is to send multiple updates to your account on Buffer.

business blog marketing tools
It also allows you to upload text or CSV files and you can also edit your updates whenever you want. You can upload as much as a month’s worth of update on your account through this tool.
How it works

Once you have prepared the file you want to upload, click on “Start uploading for free“. Then follow the instructions that follow to schedule your bulk updates.

5.     Mass pings

Ping services help you to broadcast your website/business blog updates to the entire world. You cannot afford to create content and wait for readers to find it on their own. It will amount to a waste of time and effort.

Ping services like Mass ping allow you to send mass pings (at least 5 URL) at a time to search engines, directories and blog registries. By using this website, your content will bring in lots of traffic to your website.

How it works

Mass ping is a free service and it is very easy to use.  Start by typing www.masspings.com into your browser.  It will lead you to the page below:

business blog marketing tools

Insert your URLs into the space provided.  Type in your keywords, then click on mass ping.  That is all. It will distribute your URLs to search engines, blog directories, and registries.

Above are the 5 new and free business blog marketing tools that will help you to scale your business in no time. What other tools are you using for your business blog marketing?  Share with us in the comment section.


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