A success story that will challenge you to start making money online


Johnson (not real name), read my thread on nairaland – http://www.nairaland.com/1833989/how-make-1000-month-writting and decided to take action.  However, he did not have what it takes to start an online business (a computer and an internet connection).  He took a bold step and borrowed money to buy the tools.  He got in touch with me for directions and I guided him where necessary.  Within three weeks he made $430.00. Yes, $430.00!  I was shocked.  When I started freelancing online for the first time, my first income was around $80.00 back in 2011.  For a newbie to make $430 dollars is a great thing!

I want to encourage you wherever you are to take the bold step today. Some of you have computers connected to the internet in your offices and homes and all you do is play games or Facebook.  You can start earning money today if you take action.  I have a mentoring program, you can check for the details here – http://alwaysontopbiz.com/writing-mentor/ or contact me directly on my email address – virtualassistprof@gmail.com.

You don’t have an excuse for not making money online, even if you cannot write. I have a special course for people who are graduates but are new to online writing.  I will take it from the scratch and build the writing skill with you until you get to a point where you can earn with it.

Take action now!