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The Internet is a big network of  written and visual information. About 90% of that information is written. The demand for article is rising as Webmasters and advertisers need fresh content all the time. Articles are needed for websites that sell products, services etc. Because of the wide variety of topics out there, you can always find something new to write about.

However, writing for the internet is a different ball game. It is not the same as writing essays in school or for your literary society. You need to know how to write for the Internet. Anyone can get access to your  articles online and so, it must be written in easy to understand language.  Your vocabulary must be simple. An easy rule is that if you don’t use the word in everyday conversation, don’t use it. Write in the same way you talk to the audience.

You’ll also need to write short paragraphs. This will help your reader to get the information in small chunks so they don’t get bored.

All you’ll need to get started writing online is an active e-mail address, a payoneer master card and article samples. Your article samples should be between 300 and 500 words. Three to five writing samples should be enough to start getting projects.

How to Find writing jobs Online

You can make money, writing articles online in many ways. You can find writing jobs through bidding sites like  I have made and still making some good money writing articles, reports and E-books on Buyers post their jobs and then you bid on them. Using this site can be the best way to get started online, because you will get paid.

I have a good e-book on “How to make money on“.  You can start with that and then use other platforms like  Get started now!

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