What Freelance Writing Challenges are you facing?

Freelance writing challenges

Freelance writing, like any other business or career, has its ups and downs.  There are lots of freelance writing challenges and as a writer, I have had my own fair share, especially at the beginning of my career. I could remember vividly while I was starting out. I had lots of questions that needed answers. How will I make enough money as a writer? What if I write the articles, and the client rejected them? What if the client refused to pay?  What if I couldn’t withdraw my money to my bank account? What if and what ifs.  I had lots of them.

But the story has changed today.  Although, I still encounter challenges along the way, I am able to face and conquer them.

Like I always say, I like helping fellow writers.  So, I will like you to drop a comment in the box below and tell me your challenges as a writer. Then, I will try and address the issue one after the other in the comment section.  Can we start now?