Top 10 Ways to Maintain a High Level of Writing Inspiration and Creativity

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“Writers block” is a common challenge that every writer faces. It is however important that we take steps to avoid this phenomenon. We often fail to realize that there are some simple steps that can be taken easily to get back our inspiration and creativity.

  1. In case you usually type your initial draft on your computer, it is advisable that you hand-write it this time. Your ink on paper creates a feeling that can bring back your inspiration and writing flow.
  2. For those that spend so much time in front of their computers, it is important that you take out some time to take a walk or just sit outside. Five minutes in the warm sun can positively influence your creativity and mood.
  3. Get a magazine or book and flip through the colourful pages. You can easily change your mood by flipping through the pages of the book or magazine. It has been documented that colours blue and green can reduce stress as much as 30%.
  4. You can change the smell of your room through scented candles. Go to the fruit section in a grocery store or just any store that is heavily scented. Get strawberries or oranges and smell it. These can change your mood by bringing back memories of the past.
  5. Watch a movie. You can decide to see a movie in your room or go to a cinema. The important thing is that you need to relax. You can even just take a notebook and write anything that comes to mind.
  6. Get a motivational book that can stir up the creativity in you. You can also read poems.
  7. Observe some bright and bold colours for some few minutes. Doing this can elevate your mood.
  8. Speak with a friend of like mind and discuss different ideas and areas of creativity. You can even record you conversation after due permission just to make sure you don’t miss any detail.
  9. Send an email to a friend and discuss with him or her on what you intend to write about. You can open up to the person and ask for ideas.
  10. You can go to church and say a silent prayer about this. This will help revive your inspiration and reconnects your source of inspiration.

It is not enough to just read these ideas. You can print it out and paste it in a place where you can easily see it especially around the spot you use for your writing. You can take one or two of these steps every time you are stuck. The whole idea is to keep your writing alive because the whole world awaits your ideas.

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