Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid In Your Articles

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There are some mistakes that you should avoid if you want to get several potential visitors to see your article. Great articles are always reprinted by other webmasters and ezine publishers. You can get these people to see your articles if you avoid these seven common mistakes.

  1. Several grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.

Before you get someone else to proofread your article, it is important that your paragraphs are well structured and check your grammar and punctuations. Don’t lump too many sentences together in a single paragraph because many readers do not have the time to read through every detail of your article – they only have time to scan through the article and will only take bites of information that they can easily spot. This practice is known as “info-snacking”.

It is important that you use a consistent “voice” in your entire article. You can either choose to use the first person voice which is I and me, or the second person voice – you, we and us, or the third person – they, them, he and she. Whichever one you choose to use, you must consistently stick with it in your entire article.

  1. Excessive hype, promotion of self and bragging.

It is unnecessary to fill your article with too much hype and self-promotion. This can make your article irritating to your readers. Don’t put too many links to your products. If you want to sell anything, you can have a “Resource Box” where readers can assess your products. Your resource box alone can get as much as a 3% click through rate (CTR).

  1. Your content focuses on you rather than on your readers.

You must know that your reader is looking for information that will help him or her. Your article should therefore focus on providing solution to what people are looking for. You should do a keyword research to determine what people are interested in.

You will bore your readers if you talk too much about yourself. Keep your points brief and clear. Do not be tempted to digress from the topic at hand because it can make the reader stop reading your article.

  1. Your article is too general and lacks depth

It is important that you write articles that are specific on a particular subject. You can use bullet point or a numbered list to present your points clearly to the reader. You should write as someone that is an expert in that area and narrow down your approach to a particular angle while being brief. You should show some authority as someone that is knowledgeable in that area so your readers can be convinced they are in the right place.

  1. Article title and summary are not “catchy”

You must understand that up to 95% of the time, it is titles that will make readers choose to read articles. You must therefore interest your reader by using a title that will catch their attention. Don’t use too many words in your title and write an interesting introduction that will make the reader continue reading. Make use of tools for keyword research to get the best of your title.

In your article summary, keep your points very brief and clearly state what the article talks about. This will determine whether the reader will eventually read your article or will just pass.

  1. Copying content or plagiarizing

In the world of writing, it is unethical to copy another person’s work word for word. You can read other people’s articles to get information but you should then write in your own words. You should also avoid buying and using PLR articles because it will do you no good if you are using an article that has been used several times already on the internet.

  1. Overloading the Resource Box

Your resource box is a great avenue of making profits, but you must not overuse this benefit. Don’t put too many links in your resource box that will make it too crowded. You can use just one or two links in your resource box.

You can include your affiliate links in the resource box but it is advisable that you create a domain that redirects to your affiliate link. This will make your article look more professional.



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