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blog marketing examples

Blog marketing Examples: Case studies of business blogging done well.

In order to be successful in business blogging, you must know how to market your blog effectively.  Creating a blog post and waiting for people to come and read does not work anymore. You must know how to market a blog post as well.

What is blog marketing?

Blog marketing is the process you follow to get to your target audience with the aid of a blog. You can have your blog on your website or separate from it.  There are different types of blog marketing, such as social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization marketing, etc.

When starting out, you need a solid blog marketing strategy and a blog marketing plan. These will enable you to focus on your goals and achieve them within a set period of time.

A lot of business bloggers miss it when it comes to how to use blogs for marketing.  Although it is not an easy task, it can be done.  There are some businesses that are already getting a good return on their investment in blogging.

Below are 5 blog marketing examples of companies that are succeeding in business blogging.


blog marketing examples

Kinaxis is a supply chain management software company.  The company was looking for a way to get more out of their marketing efforts and budgets. With this goal in mind, the company used a good number of digital marketing tactics.

They started with Blogging. They know that blogging creates thought leadership in the industry, attracts links and helps in search engine rankings.  They continued to blog for some time, creating content that is useful for their audience.

blog marketing examples

Initially, the growth was slow (which is normal), but gradually, the company started showing up in Google results and traffic increased.

They began to optimize their content with rich keywords to help them attract more from the search engines. This further increased their search engine visibility.

Once, the traffic increased, they dove into social media marketing. They learned through research, that their audience uses social media platforms. They started engaging their audience through the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc).  This further increases the company’s visibility online.

They went further to create a community.  They created videos, podcasts, forums, and documents related to their industry.

The strategies above helped the company to increase their conversion rates by 3.2 and their traffic grew by 5.3.


Louis E. Page

blog marketing examples

This is a family owned business.  It is a company that sells different types of fencing and mesh materials.  It was established in 1893.

The company was looking for a way to expand into new markets.

So, they hired a web designer to create a website for the company. However, the website became static and stale as there was no direct access to update and improve the information on the site.

Therefore, they searched for another solution, this time around – blogging came up. They created another website with a blog with the aid of Hubspot blogging tool. The company’s blog is regularly updated with fresh content (Educative and informative content, Company news and industry trends).

blog marketing examples

They tracked their content to see what content was working for them so they can create more content to replicate the same result.

The company monitored their traffic sources to see where their major traffic is coming from, so they can focus more on that. This enabled the company to scaled higher and become more efficient.

Using the strategy above, the company got thousands of visits to their website, 4,562 people subscribed to their blog, 2,156 leads was gathered from search engine traffic.

With blogging, Louise E Page was able to achieve their goal of expanding into a new market.

Today, Louise E. Page has been able to get 850% more sales leads from blogging.

Hinda Incentives

blog marketing examples

Hinda incentives, a company that provides web-based motivation programs for businesses was established in 2009.  The company started their digital marketing journey with the use of a website and a Google AdWords account.

The company started searching for ways to increase their visibility online.  They started working on their blog.  They created great content that is useful for their audience.

blog marketing examples


They promoted their blog content with Twitter and LinkedIn and other networks. Through this means, the company was able to generate links to their website, enhance their search engine optimization and built a community of loyal fans.

The result of this strategy is that the company was able to grow their twitter and LinkedIn follower base. This generated several hundred thousand dollars of sales leads for their company.


blog marketing examples

Aprilaire is a company that deals in whole-home indoor air quality products, such as air purifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilation systems, thermostats and controllers and zone temperature control systems.

The company started their digital marketing activities with business blogging. They used search engine optimization tactics such as keywords to create useful content for their audience and search engines.  This turned their blog into a keyword and search drove model.  Their organic search rankings started increasing.

Their traffic increased by a thousand percent in a year.  80% of this traffic came from organic search results.

Reynolds Golf academy

blog marketing examples

Charlie King, the director of the golf academy was looking for a way to bring in lots of new students to the academy.

However, he had a very limited budget, so he had to search for a cheap way to promote the academy.

Charlie decided to use blogging to create content that will attract golfers who are planning to improve their game. He started a blog titled “New rules of golf instruction.  There, he shares golf tips and techniques through content writing and videos. He wrote a book which he gives freely to visitors on his blog.

Since he started blogging, the golf academy has tremendously improved.  There were lots of students who flood to the academy for training.


The blog marketing examples above shows that blog marketing is not a rocket science.  All you need is a blog marketing strategy and a blog marketing plan and you will be on your way to becoming successful in business blogging.

It is time for you to start blogging for your business.  If you don’t know how to create a blog post or market it, you can easily outsource it. The benefit of business blog is much more than you can think of.  Now, is the time to start!

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