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You have been dreaming of making money online
You have bought several products to show you the way
You tried all the methods involved in making money
But there is just one problem…
They are not working.

The easiest way to make money online so far is through freelance writing.
If you can write, you can make money online.
But wait, what if you don’t know how to write articles?
The Good news…

You can learn how to write.
Making money writing articles does not require past experience or writing degrees. All you need is this free article writing course.

The free article writing course is a proven 5 days email course to help new writers get started and succeed at freelance writing from absolute scratch.

Who am I to teach you about freelance writing?

I tried using different methods of making money online, such as reading emails, data entry, and blogging, affiliate marketing etc., for about 3 years.  Then in 2011, I came across an advert for freelance writing on Nairaland forum.  I quickly applied for it and was accepted.  I started learning how to write articles.

One day, I came across a Magazine – Success digest – an internet marketing magazine. I saw an article written on and I read it.  I was interested and I registered on the website. I started writing articles and making money online.

When I made my first dollar online, it is was unbelievable.  I put in more effort and started making real money.

Today, I run my own online writing business and I make 4 – figures monthly.

I started a thread on Nairaland forum – to teach people how to make money writing on  More than 100 people are already making money writing on the platform.  Read some of their testimonies below:

N: B:  My username on the forum is Ladywriterr.

Xpressionz: I want to thank Ladywriter for this opportunity.

I am gradually making progress. In about a week of starting at, my account stands at around $90 which is not bad for a new freelancer though I am still hoping to get a bank breaking order.


Well, I’m currently busy but I feel it’s important for me to share my story here to serve as an inspiration to others.

I met Ladywriter around this time last year. I was frustrated with my job and extremely idle and I was looking for ways to make money. Somehow, I found her thread on how to make $1,000 monthly just from writing. $1,000 you say? From writing? How? Where? Those were the questions that filled my mind so I opened the thread and read all she wrote there. Even though I had my reservations, I felt it was worth trying.

The first few weeks were frustrating- I got NO jobs at all. It was as if I didn’t exist in spite of updating my profile and doing all that was supposedly required. It was at that point I decided to contact her via her e-mail address to ask for assistance. She was very helpful and friendly.

She took a look at my profile on freelancer and suggested I change some things. She also gave me my very first job on Freelancer; I think it was about 5 articles and even though I was an amateur writer then, she paid me $2 per article and gave me a good review. After then, I got two clients on Freelancer, when I worked with them and they liked my job, they hired me outside Freelancer and now I hardly go on Freelancer anymore. As my skills improved, my charges improved. Articles which I used to write for $1.5 – $2, I now write them for nothing less than $6. In fact, you cannot even bring articles of $2 close to me cos I WILL REJECT THE JOB. People literally beg me to write their articles now even when I’m busy, they don’t mind waiting. Mind you, these are not Freelancer clients, I just used Freelancer as a stepping stone. I get clients through referrals now.

Now on the Naija end here, I earn nothing less than N100,000 a month from writing for blogs and I could earn more if I was a full-time writer but I only write part-time although I’m planning to leave my job for full-time writing.

I am not writing all of these to brag. I’m sharing my testimony because somehow I believe that there is someone out there who is in my shoes and can be motivated by my story. Yes I wrote $1 articles, yes I didn’t get paid sometimes, I even gave up a few times but I am filled with nothing but thanks.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you cannot make $1,000 from writing. You absolutely can! Just start from somewhere; I started from $2 articles too.


Agreatman –

“Thank you Õoooº°° °°º , it’s all because of you. In fact when I started I put my target at $400/month but I got more than that in 2 weeks with just only 3 employers (would have been more if one of them paid me, so I didn’t count her in). I even took this week off after doing 2 weeks sleepless night”


I created this free article writing course to help as many people as are struggling to make money online.
How much can you make as a freelance writer?

As a beginner, you can make as much as $5-10 per 500 words articles.
But as you hone your writing skill, you can make as much as $10 – $50 for 1000 words. (The process is explained in the paid course).

In this free article writing course you will learn:

Lesson One:      The basics of freelance writing
Lesson Two: 
     How to research article topics
Lesson Three:
  The secret formula for writing an engaging article
Lesson Four: 
    How to structure your articles (1 and 2)
Lesson Five:
      How to make money writing articles

This is your chance to make your dream come true.
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