10 Good marketing blogs you need to start following in 2017

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good marketing blogs

Are you following good marketing blogs?

The online marketing world is vast. It is difficult, if not impossible to learn every aspect of it on one marketing blog.

There are good marketing blogs on different topics, such as inbound marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, link building etc.

It is important to read good marketing blogs to get an up-to-date information of what is going on in the marketing world.  The best way to do it is to subscribe to as many of them as you can so you can keep yourself up to date.

Below are 10 good marketing blogs you can start following now.

1.    Good marketing blog: Hubspot


good marketing blogs

Hubspot is an inbound marketing agency.  They have a good number of resources that can help you learn more about marketing.  There are case studies of successful companies, Marketing library, Marketing and sales training etc.

They also run a blog that has two sections – Marketing blog (where marketers go to learn) and a sales blog (where you ca read to learn how to sell).  There are numerous topics on digital marketing.

It is a great place to learn. I took an inbound marketing course for free on Hubspot and it really helped me in content writing and marketing.

2.    Good marketing blog: Content marketing institute


good marketing blogs

Content marketing institute is devoted to teaching anything and everything about content marketing.  There you will learn about brand storytelling, content creation, content strategy, content writing etc.

On the home page, there is a section dedicated to How-to Guides to take you from the beginning of your content marketing journey to the end.

good marketing blogs

There is a resources section on the website where you will find white papers, e-books, and templates on different content marketing topics. They also run a training arm called content marketing university where people are trained on content marketing education.

3.    Good marketing blog: Neil Patel


Good marketing blogs

I have personally learned a great deal from Neil Patel’s blogs – quicksprout and Neilpatel.com. He teaches majorly about digital marketing (content marketing, SEO marketing, blogging, etc).  He creates high-quality content on his blog frequently.  I learned search engine optimization and content marketing from his blog. If you want to learn about content creation, marketing, blogging, his blogs are the best on the subject.

4.    Good marketing blog: Moz blog


Good marketing blogs

Moz blog is a great platform where you can learn about SEO. I particularly love the way the CEO presents his personality (with his hair style, lol).

He produces interesting “whiteboard Friday” content that is loaded with insights.

They also run four blogs, namely Moz blog – where top industry writers contribute by offering their best advice, research, and insights. YouMoz, another place you can read different kinds of articles, Rand’s blog – where you can read about his thoughts on SEO and other topics.  The dev blog is written by Moz engineers and the content is on technical topics.

The company also offers a number of products, such as free SEO tools, (Moz bar, open site explorer, Moz cast etc) and paid products such as All in one website SEO (Moz pro) and SEO integrated business listings.

5.    Good marketing blog: Duct tape marketing


Good marketing blogs

Duct tape marketing is another good marketing blog you can follow.  It teaches small business marketing. There is a blog that covers marketing, time management, and productivity.

Don’t have time to read?  There are podcasts on different marketing topics you can listen to on the blog.

They also have a product section where they offer services that help businesses to grow. There is also a self-study system. It is an online class designed for those who want to learn digital marketing skills.  Here, you can learn how to generate leads, SEO, social media marketing etc.

6.    Good marketing blog: Backlinko


Good marketing blogs

Brian Dean, the CEO of Backlinko, teaches SEO and link building strategies. He demystifies link building and SEO.

He taught me how to build blinks through his content. He runs a unique blog where he publishes actionable, in-depth and long form blog posts.  He also hosts webinars on link building and SEO.  He trains people on linking building and SEO.

If you are finding it difficult to build backlinks, Backlinko is a good place to learn.

7.    Good marketing blog: Smartblogger


Good marketing blogs

If you have a passion for blogging and don’t know where to start or your blogging effort is not generating tangible results, Smartblogger is a good place to start.

It is run by Jon Morrow. I just like the simplicity and expertise of the guy.  There are different categories of articles on the blog such as blog authority, marketing, email marketing, engagement, list building, design etc.

The content is long form, helpful and useful.

They have different products that are geared towards helping people to get a grasp on blogging.

8.    Good marketing blog: Social media examiner


good marketing blogs

Social media examiner is the leading social media blog on the internet today.  I learned everything about social media here.

They create in-depth content on social media topics. They run social marketing world – an industry leading conference and the largest of its kind.

9.    Good marketing blog: Search Engineland


good marketing blogs

Search engine land, just like the name implies, teaches search engine marketing. Here, you will learn everything about SEO, SEM, Google, Bing and social. If you are looking for current news on search engines, you will find it here.

They also have a section dedicated to resources, such as white papers, research, webinars etc.  They run conferences and search marketing expos.

10.    Good marketing blog: Buffer


good marketing blogs

Buffer is known for their social media scheduling tool. Apart from that, they publish content on social media and online marketing. They write actionable and informative content with rich media. There are case studies of successful businesses doing social media the right way. There are podcasts on different topics.

There you have it!  The 10 good marketing blogs you should start following in 2017.  Check them out and subscribe to each one of them.  I have benefited immensely from the content on those websites. I am sure, you will also improve your knowledge of online marketing by reading the blogs.

What other good marketing blogs do you read?

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