How to Learn Content Writing in One Month

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You want to learn content writing, right?

Let me tell you my story.

I have always loved writing, but I did not know what content writing online entails. One day, I was browsing a local forum website, and I saw a content writing firm looking for a content writer. I applied, and I got the job.

The manager showed me how to do it. He would copy an article from and asked me to rewrite it in my own words. Although this is not the right way to learn content writing, it helped me to start. It is usually around 500 words. After a week, we would calculate how many articles I wrote and he would pay.  The payment per article was low. But I was excited because I could make money online.

So, I continued with the company for some months until I came across a magazine that showed how to make money writing on Immediately, I registered on the website and wrote for clients.

How I started my writing business

After writing on the platform for about 3 years, I discovered that the money I was making was low for my expertise. So, I quit and searched for writing jobs on my own. I knew if I must make money writing I have to up my writing skills. So I looked for a mentor.

I love the way Neil Patel write his articles, so I read his content. In fact, I downloaded all his articles and studied them. I created a blog on WordPress and wrote like him. Initially, it was hard, but I kept on.

Before long, I found my voice, and I wrote great articles. I became active on LinkedIn and I searched for clients. I got two great clients that paid me my worth.

The story did not end there. I still had the desire to be better at what I do. So, I enrolled in the free HubSpot inbound marketing course and passed. I also did Jon Morrow’s guest blogging course. I learned new ways of writing content that connects with the audience. I got more clients and increased my rates.

So, back to the topic.

How to learn content writing

Are you looking for how to boost your income, tired of your day job or you want to learn content writing so you can create content for your business?

Whatever the reason behind your wanting to learn content writing, you are in the right place.

Let’s get started.

1.  Enroll for content writing courses (1 week)

You don’t need a degree to learn content writing. All you need is the passion to learn and write. Content writing courses will make your journey faster than mine.  You will learn from the experiences of the writer and be able to avoid mistakes. Most of these courses are free and some are for a few bucks. Start with the free courses such as the HubSpot content writing course I took. It will help you know how to write for your audience.

You can assess the page here.

Fill the form and start the course.

learn content writing

Then move on to paid content writing courses. You will grab the concept and write for top businesses that will pay you good money instead of making peanuts from content mills. I offer one-on-one coaching on content writing. You can contact me if you are interested. Most of the courses are structured according to your own timing, so it shouldn’t take you more than a week.

2.  Start a blog (1 week)

Taking content writing courses alone will not help you learn content writing. You need to practice what you learn. This is where you need a blog. You can create a free blog on Blogspot or to practice your writing skill.

learn content writing

After you learn content writing, create content on your blog. Search for articles you love and practice. It will help you to flex your writing muscles and build your confidence. If you don’t want to create a blog, you can write on Medium and Quora for free. These are great platforms where you can get feedback for your writing style.

3.  Search for content writing jobs (1 week)

It is time to make money. Go out there and hunt for clients. There are so many places you can search for jobs, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook groups, forums, Google, etc. Read my post on how to get content writing jobs on LinkedIn.

learn content writing
geralt / Pixabay

You can also get clients by searching for companies on Google. Choose the niche you want to write for, e.g. digital marketing, tech, Saas and search for companies in the niche. Get their email address and send cold letters to introduce your writing business to them. It is stressful, but the result is worth it.

4.  Guest post on popular blogs (1 week)

As you get clients and make money writing, write guest posts on popular blogs to build your brand and also get more clients. When you write and publish your guest post on popular blogs in your niche, people will read your post. If you are good at it, you will get inquiries from clients who need content writers for their businesses. That way, you wouldn’t need to market your business for long. Instead, clients will come to you.


You need not sit there and wonder how you can learn content writing. Enroll for content writing courses, start a blog, search for clients and guest post. You can do all these things under one month if you are serious and committed.

You will learn how to write and engage your audience and boost your income.

Don’t just read and close the browser, take action now.


Hephzibah Asaolu

I am Hephzy Asaolu (aka Ladywriter), a professional Freelance content writer and blogger.

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2 thoughts on “How to Learn Content Writing in One Month”

  1. Hi, I have read through your profile and love the breakdown although I have no idea where to start?!

    I want to write content for the business’ website I work for. Could you help with some tips of how to start?

    Would be much appreciated!

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