What Freelance Writing Challenges are you facing?

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Freelance writing challenges

Freelance writing, like any other business or career, has its ups and downs.  There are lots of freelance writing challenges and as a writer, I have had my own fair share, especially at the beginning of my career. I could remember vividly while I was starting out. I had lots of questions that needed answers. How will I make enough money as a writer? What if I write the articles, and the client rejected them? What if the client refused to pay?  What if I couldn’t withdraw my money to my bank account? What if and what ifs.  I had lots of them.

But the story has changed today.  Although, I still encounter challenges along the way, I am able to face and conquer them.

Like I always say, I like helping fellow writers.  So, I will like you to drop a comment in the box below and tell me your challenges as a writer. Then, I will try and address the issue one after the other in the comment section.  Can we start now?

Hephzibah Asaolu

I am Hephzy Asaolu (aka Ladywriter), a professional Freelance content writer and blogger.

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12 thoughts on “What Freelance Writing Challenges are you facing?”

  1. Thanks Mrs. Hephzy for this well thought out forum and assistance for beginners like myself.
    Please, must I take the U.S, U.K. English & other tests before bidding for jobs on Freelancer? Any added advantage? What do you sincerely advise?
    Secondly, am I permitted to talk to clients and perhaps, give them some insight about how I wish to go about their job, before they can decide to give me the job, that’s after bidding and submitting my proposal and they chat me up?
    Thirdly, are there situations whereby my clients can reject my work and refuse to pay?
    Lastly, in as much as I want to learn on the job and get to perfect my writing, editing & blogging skills, I also want to hear from you if there’s a sure & sustainable means to start earning (on Freelancer or any other suggested site) no matter how small, immediately?
    Thank You.

    1. Hi Precious, yes, it is mandatory for you to take the U.S and the U.K English tests. They are very important. You will not be able to bid on some important writing jobs that requires those tests for bidding. So, I will advise you take the tests.

      You are only allowed to write a proposal to clients. You can use it as a medium to sell yourself i.e. give them some insight about what you can do for them. That is the only avenue you have until the client decides to chat with you.

      Yes. It happens. Clients can reject your work because of so many reasons. Some of them are:
      i. Inability to follow instructions as laid down by the employer
      ii. Missing deadlines
      iii. Copying texts from other people’s work (plagiarism)
      iv. Not responding to employer’s email as at when due. etc.

      Hmmm! Yeah there are different QUICK ways to earn as a freelance writer. You can register on more than one freelance writing websites,(such as Fiverr and upwork) and you can search for clients on your own.
      All the best!


    Problem 1-being that Naija is so messed up, am having difficulty verifying my Freelancer account, method payment and identity. Still, i have managed to win 3 jobs so far, but i think they are cheating me by taking 50% to 25% of my earnings rather than the stipulated 5% to 10%. Will try using SKRILL as verified payment method. As for ID, don”t know. Got a bank statement but it doesn”t show my current address and i was asked to produce PHCN bill to change it to my present address which i don”t have.

    1. Hi Obinna, what you can do is to sign up for Payoneer mastercard. Once you get it, withdraw your earnings into it and use it to verify your account. That was what I did. Are you sure they take 50% to 25% as commission? I don’t think so. They charge between 3% – 10% depending on your membership level. Please chat with their support staff, so you can know what is going on.
      Print out a bank statement from your online account, it should carry the needed information. It is much easier that way.

  3. Thanks very much for this initiative. Well, my challenge is getting payoneer. I have registered with them before but up till now I havent gotten the card. I gave up on that because each time I try to re register the tell me the name is a duplicate. Secondly, I am good at searching for clients on my own, and most clients I get requires me to provide them a paypal e-mail, and we all know a nigerian paypal account does not receive money. Is there a way to go about this other than using a VPN to create a paypal – it is too risky. This is my sole concern as a freelancer. Secondly, I would like to get some free copies if you have any about writing Ebooks.

    1. Hi Steph, I will advise you to contact nissim@payoneer.com, he is one of their support staff. Let him know the issue and he will help you out. You can also contact their the support team.
      I had the same problem with PayPal. But, what I did was to connect with PayPal vendors on Nairaland – Justi4Jesus and Hisenjos. They will help you to collect the money from the client and deposit it in your Naira account. I think it is better that way for now.
      Oh sorry, the e-book I have on e-book writing is not free. It is N7,500.00.


    Thank you madam. Yes am definitely sure they are taking up to 50% of my earnings. Maybe its cos my account has not completed verification. I have applied for Payoneer mastercard, it was supposed to be delivered on the 15th of this month, but its nowhere to be seen. Any suggestions?
    Thank you for what you do; unlike others its never about the money with you cos you genuinely care about others and seek to help them .You are the reason i even got started on Freelancer. Thanks and goodnight.

    1. Hmmm! Obinna, God is the reason for everything. He showed me the way and brought you along my path. All glory be to Him. Your Payoneer card will come, don’t worry about it. You can send a mail to nissim@payoneer.com if you did not see it on time. But, I am sure it is on the way. All the best!


    Thank you madam! Am truly grateful. A clarification: can i change the address in my online banking account to my present address?

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