7 questions to ask before you engage the services of bloggers for hire

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Questions you need to ask before you engage the services of bloggers for hire

You are a business owner and you know the importance of blogging for your business.

You have it in your plan to write blog posts.  But no time to do it.

You don’t even have a staff that can take up this role for you.

This has made your business blog inactive for decades.

No need to worry!  You can reactivate it and create consistent and quality content that beats that of your competitors all the time.

You can do this by hiring the services of bloggers for hire. These are freelance bloggers who will help you to create content for your business blog.

When you hire the services of bloggers for hire, you will save money as they cost less than hiring a full-time, in-house employee. However, getting a quality blogger for hire is not an easy job.  Some business owners have hired writers who are unresponsive, deliver poor quality and miss deadlines often.

So, how do you jump this hurdle?  How do you know the right blogger to hire for your business needs?  Below are 7 questions you need to ask a freelance blogger before you engage their services.

  1. What type of content do you create?

Not many bloggers for hire can write different types of content, such as blog post, white paper, e-books, newsletter, email messages, press releases etc. Some can write only white papers, but not blog posts.  However, a professional freelance blogger should be able to write most content type. When you ask your prospective blogger this question, ensure they can write the right content for your business blog.

  1. What type of industry do you write for?

Good Bloggers for hire can write for more than one industry, especially those lucrative niches. They should be able to write for any industry if they are good at what they do. Although some people advocates specialization. i.e. writing for a particular industry.  However, if you are a great writer that has been in the industry for long, you probably have written for several industries already. What you can do here as an employer is to ask for a sample content on your niche.  This will ensure that the blogger has a good grasp of your industry.

  1. What is the tone of your write-up?

Many business owners are concerned about the tone of writing. Some prefer it to be business-like while others like a friendly tone.  Good bloggers for hire should be able to adapt to any type of tone required by a client. The only way you can check out their style and tone of writing is to check out their blog or ask for a sample article on any topic of your choice. This will ensure that you are on the same page so that your audience can enjoy your blog posts.

  1. How do you research for content topics?

Great bloggers for hire have different resources for conducting research on various content topics.  Do not employ a blogger who claims to know everything to the point of not performing research when writing blog posts. A good freelance writer should perform research to know what angles of the topic to cover.  So you need to ask them how they carry out research on content topics and the resources they use to discover content.

If they have no meaningful research methodology, then they are probably new to the game or they are just satisfied with using their limited knowledge to create blog posts.  This may not be a good option for your business.

  1. Can you optimize any content for search engines?

It may interest you to know that not all bloggers for hire know how to optimize content for search engines. Search engine optimization is very important in content creation. It makes it easy for your content to be discovered on search engines. A professional freelance blogger should know how to use keywords to optimize blog post title, headers, and blog content.  They should be able to write an interesting and compelling Meta description that will make readers click and link to relevant pages on your website to make them stay longer on it.

  1. What are your freelance working hours?

This question will enable you to know if a blogger is a full-time or a part-time freelancer.  If the freelance blogger still has a full-time job, it may pose problems for your business.  They may not be able to meet up deadlines. If you need a quick content turnaround, or you need to edit a previously written content, they may not able to meet up.

However, if you get a full-time blogger, you rest assured that you can get across to them whenever you need content urgently or need them to correct an article for you.

7.     What is your typical revision cycle?

Good bloggers for hire should be able to offer unlimited revisions until the client is satisfied. That is the rule of the game. Therefore, your preferred freelance blogger should be able to tell you how many revision they can offer per blog post within a specific time.

The above questions will help you to know and hire the best bloggers for hire for your business.  This will save you money, misunderstandings and time in the long run.  What other questions do you think is appropriate to ask a prospective freelance blogger for hire?


Hephzibah Asaolu

I am Hephzy Asaolu (aka Ladywriter), a professional Freelance content writer and blogger.

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