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Many freelancers do not really understand what the commonly used terms, SEO writing and copywriting mean. This article explains these concepts and tells you how to profit from it.

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”. Just as the name signifies, it entails doing some analysis and taking some actions that will ultimately result in driving more traffic to your website from search engines knowing that this will invariably lead to more profit.

There are many of these steps that you can take to optimize your website for search engines. However, this article will discuss the ones that are most important to freelance writers. For freelance writers, SEO involves writing your articles in a specific way so that it can be easily seen by internet users.

How can freelance writers use SEO principles?

The major consideration of freelance writers as far as SEO is concerned should be about keywords. Keywords are the words or phrases that internet users looking for information will most likely use in getting what they need. These are the search terms they will type in search engines.

Imagine you wanting to start a business in LED furniture. The truth is that you may not have heard anything about LED furniture except that it is a trending business. All you will do will be to go to your favourite search engine, such as Google, MSN or Yahoo, and type phrases such as “LED furniture business”, “how to start LED business”, “where to get LED furniture”. These words that you have typed in other to get information are called keywords. It could be just one word – keyword, or a combination of more than one word – keywords.

How do businesses rank high in search engine results?

You will realise that when you type these keywords and you hit the ENTER key, there are so many lists that are delivered on your screen. There are some sites that will always come top of the list with respect to the keywords you have used.

Have you ever wondered what makes some sites rank in the first page while others are relegated so far in the pages that nobody will likely get to see them even if they offer something better? The companies that rank high invest so much money in SEO and this is why they stay on top.

SEO Copywriters are in great demand – How do they make their money?

The way most of the sites that rank high get there is by using relevant articles that contain the specific keyword phrases related to the topic in question. However, most of this work is outsourced to freelance writers and this is where you can make money.

There is a great demand for article writers because more and more companies are going online and there is an increasing need for SEO copy-writers to fill this need for keyword-rich content. Unfortunately, even though there are several freelance writers, it is only a few that understand these principles of SEO and profit from them. You can decide to join this few by learning to apply these principles today.





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